“【A little anxious? ] Sakurai Ariyoshi THE A list of wedding celebration to Nao Asahi at the night party “

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On TV or TVer

I think some people have seen it

Sakurai Ariyoshi THE at night party

Nao Asahi

Marriage celebration party


The appearance

Nao Asahi and classmate

크레이지슬롯 Natsuko Momo (Momoiro Clover Z)

Actor Mayu Matsuoka

Voice actor Rina Hidaka

Although there was no appearance this time

Leo Ieiri

Airi Suzuki

He seems to be a classmate

3 wedding celebration gifts

Natsuko Momota

\ Baccarat invited cat (clear & midnight) /

For more information is here

Mayu Matsuoka

\ Bistro steamed pot /

For more information is here

Rina Hidaka

\ Uchino Marshmallow Gauze Color Payama /

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Tatsuya Fukasawa (Snow Man)

Miyu Ikeda

Takushi Tanaka (Ungirls)

Also appeared

Tatsuya Fukasawa

\ Baccarat’s iPro frame /

For more information is here

Micho -san

\ Brain Sleep Pillow /

For more information is here

It is said that Michopo and Sho Sakurai also use it.

Takushi Tanaka

\ATEX Tall Handkei Lux /

For more information is here

Massager dedicated to palms

Nao Asahi is loved

HALLOWEEN Family decoration

\ House Halloween Must Items /

Halloween pumpkin light

For more information is here

Chibotiko Cosch Chibikko Kos

\ This year is the Spy Family /

In the rules in Anya

For more information is here

Adult costumes adult koss

\ How about a one -night bisque doll?

For more information is here

Adult costumes adult koss

\ Count Dracula is also popular /

For more information is here

It’s a little early

\ New Year’s early discount 2023 /

Official site

\ People who are interested in fx, people who are interested in camping Atsume /


It may be, but as a fact, it will be popular in the future.

・ Global popular games

・ Casino can be made in Japan so it becomes more familiar

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Roulette → For example, red or black is a 1/2 establishment, and if it hits, the expected value is 100%, but in fact it is 0 or 00 and the probability is not 1/2. Therefore, the expected value is less than 100%. In addition, Baccarat and Blackjack do not exceed 100 % in the expected value.

On the other hand, players like poker are pure competitions, which is a competition of ability.

Moreover, the mathematical elements are extremely strong (judging whether to calculate the expected value immediately and match the winning rate).

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