“2022.9.25 Will Tosei Sugimura’s short -term market observation rate hike be stopped early next year? ]

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[Mosae Summary]

The NY market is turbulent.

The FRB US Federal Reserve Council has decided to raise a 0.75 % interest rate by the FOMC Federal Open Market Committee on September 21. It is a significant interest rate of 0.75 % following June and July. However, I think it was woven in the stock price so far. The problem will be the future interest rate. It has been raised to 4.375 % this year and 4.625 % (policy representative) next year.

The market seems to have taken this “unexpected”. The NY Dow on the 21st dropped to $ 522 (1.70 %), and the Nasdaq index dropped by 204 points (1.79 %). The dollar index was 111.63 for the first time in 20 years. The yen and dollar are about $ 1 = around 141 yen. On the 22nd, the authorities intervened “yen buying” at the stage of exceeding 145 yen. It will continue to intervene in the future.

The WTI crude oil price has fallen to 1 barrel = $ 82. This will reflect the deceleration of the world economy and the decline in demand. On the other hand, on the premise of the interest rate outlook, the interest rate hike will be “stopped early next year” (peak out). In addition, the pandemic (global epidemic) of the new colon virus has almost converged. Rather, shouldn’t this be evaluated?

In fact, the stock prices of vaccine manufacturers such as modelna, pases, and biontech are “collapsed feet.” On the other hand, casinos and cruising stock prices such as Las Vegas Sands and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings are rising. This is a big change.

Technically, it is sold too much in the zone!

Nevertheless, at present, central banks of each country are raising interest rates, QT quantitative financing is continued, and the stock market is a bear (bearish) market.

The situation in Ukraine is unclear. Russia will mobilize 300,000 reserves. Since the invasion of February, the Russian army has killed 80,000 to 100,000, and it seems that he has escaped one after another. Putin’s frustration will only be raised.

In any case, this phase is effective for individual brands.

This basic tactic is immutable.

What do you aim for?

8844 Cosmos Inisia [TSE S] is a middle -class condominium, but has a variety of commercial buildings, Cross Sie Building, Australian housing sales, and hotel businesses.

The largest shareholder is 1925 Yamato House Kogyo [TSE P]. It has 63.19 % of the issued shares.

The hotel business is the “MIMARU” brand. What is unique is a long -term stay -type urban apartment type. It is clear that families and group visitors (inbound → especially Chinese?). After all, there are kitchens, cooking utensils, large refrigerators, and coin laundry in the hotel.

The performance is performing well.

In the fiscal year ending March 2023, the sales increase by 16.4 % and the final net profit is expected to increase by 29.1 %. One share profit is 65.6 yen. Operating income is expected to be 3.5 billion yen. The medium -term management plan aimed at “10 billion yen in operating income” in the fiscal year ending March 2017. If this can be achieved, one share profit will be “about 190 yen”.

other than this,

LNG liquefied natural gas related (base construction)

3355 Kliyama Holdings [TSE S],

6498 Kitz [TSE P],

6355 Sumitomo precision industry [TSE S],

1976 Meisei Kogyo [TSE P]

You can pay attention to. Europe is promoting LNG, and the United States is constructing port facilities at a rapid pace to export LNG.


6779 Denpa Kogyo [TSE P],

6030 Adventure [TSE G],

9552m & A General 메가슬롯 Research Institute [TSE G]

Can be aimed.

In addition, the general market has been over -sold in a technical zone. Why don’t you buy 1570NEXT FUNDS -Nikkei average leverage index -linked listing trust [TSE E]?

September 22, 2022

Stock exploration news (minkabu pres)

Many people are obsessed. The Buddha said that he suffered from obsession. Obsession with lovers and obsession with children are enough to destroy each other.

I knew one brother. The brother was obsessed with money. Even though he had enough wealth, he dreamed of a single money. Eventually, his brother touched gambling. And this made his brother ruin.

The obsession with money is really scary. If you want more and more things, you will never be satisfied and lead to ruin. The obsession itself is scary. When I stayed in the Philippines, I went to the casino to see people. People know that they will lose their money, but sometimes they are addicted to receiving small rewards. The appearance of gambling addicts seems nervous. They spend time and money for a happy mood to get a small reward even though they have lost a lot of money.

We also see terrible events in connection with the obsession with lovers. I once loved, but when I saw events that ended in tragedy, I thought I should never be obsessed.

I decided not to be obsessed, and after I really reduced my obsession, I felt unexpectedly depressed. Everything felt vain.

Perhaps we are obsessed to live and give something strong.

What do I want? I’m not sure either.

Obviously, there were 온라인바둑이 times when I wanted something strongly, and some moments when I tasted tragedy.

Those who have tasted tragedy may destroy others. Fortunately, I didn’t go to that level.

Is it existed in thinking? Or is it just the fact that I exist? Maybe nothing is important?

No one knows the answer. I just give up with strong conviction or give up my questions like me.

I have a lot of things now. There are things that make my life greatly, such as cars and homes. But I still feel vanity.

What will you save me? Will salvation exist? Is everything just a meaning?

Does not matter. I will continue to live and this is a clear fact.