Beautiful hips … Cosplayer Rare -chan, Mochiko Mochizuki, Mio Mito, go on a runway in a swimsuit! “I have a sense of sheer and my favorite first place”

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Beautiful hips … Cosplayer Rare -chan, Mochiko Mochizuki, Mio Mito, go on a runway in a swimsuit! “I have a sense of sheer and my favorite first place”

Popular cosplayer Mochiko Mochiko, Karashi -chan, Mio Mito, Mio Mitsu, Mitsuzuki, who appeared in “PharfaiteShowcase” from the left

The apparel brand “Pharfaite” is a popular apparel brand for gravure models and cosplayers. The spot -selling and fashion show event “PharfaiteShowcase”, which also serves as the announcement of the new costume, will be held in Tokyo on June 12. Nearly 100 idols and layers gathered, and the venue was very exciting. We will participate in such “PharfaitESHOWCASE” and introduce photos of beautiful models taken together with interview articles.

In this article, Mito Mito, Mochiko Mochizuki, and Karashi -chan are often active not only as a cosplayer but also in the gravure field.

First of all, when I asked Mito about the point of choosing a costume, I said, “This swimsuit is also worn in the new book, but it is very transparent and my favorite one. For everyone who bought a photo book. I thought it would be possible to know the actual “texture of swimwear” … this time I participated in this costume. “

Also, when asked, “Do you have anything you want to do this summer?”, “It’s a marriage. In the past few years, I’ve been focusing too much on my activities, I have never met at all … (bitter smile). I want to experience what kind of life is like once. “

Then, in Mochizuki, when I asked about the point of the costume, I said, “It’s a casino -like atmosphere, but the design that incorporates garter belts in a swimsuit is fashionable and cute. This time from another bunny suit. I brought my ears and cuffs and added my own arrangement. “

Furthermore, when I heard a frank impression after looking back in the first half of 2022, I said, “I was called for a large -scale photo session in the outdoor pool. It was my first experience, and in the last few years, in the sea. I couldn’t go to the pool, so I was able to enjoy shooting in an open space for the first time in a long time. “

“PharfaiteShowcase” is mainly a “fan meeting” where gravure and layers wearing new lingerie and swimwear of “Pharfaite” sell their own goods and photo books. There was a fusion of fashion shows that introduce new costumes, and a masterpiece of a luxurious model decorated 더존카지노 the runway. The stanning arts, which is working on “Pharfaite”, also launched a new brand “SCHE/MEE” as a second line, and will be launched in earnest in the fall of 2022.

Interview / sentence = Somtam Tai

I’m doing karaoke from the morning today

From noon, I played Dragon Quest 11s.

Dragon Quest 11s is

Trying to complete a new element

I notice an irreparable mistake nowadays.

At the casino

Until the jackpot comes out

If you were doing roulette at the highest rate

Because it was set up … well.

I found the field of Metasura

From the next level, it has become easier to raise the level.

Lucky 🍀

From the evening, Nana Mizuki

I’m watching Blu-ray of “Live 바카라필승법 Gate”.

Nana’s best (*` ω´) b