“Bomber Girl, Two Ceiling Details & Benefits and Changes to Change Settings”

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* The number of games to the ceiling can be confirmed on the menu screen

■ Bonus/AT between AT

[Number of ceiling games]

[Ceiling benefits]

■ CZ ceiling

[Number of ceiling games]

[Ceiling benefits]

Bomber girl / behavior when changing settings

■ Number of games to the ceiling → Clear

■ Internal state → Re -lottery

* At the time of setting change/bonus/AT, high accuracy start

■ LCD stage → Lunch stage

take over

* Definished setting if it is not a morning daytime stage

・ Bonuses and bonuses/ATs-Chance 바카라 between games-CZ/Bonus/AT number-Bonus/AT-960g+α/Bomber time (AT) Confirmation-CZ/Bonus/AT between AT-460g+ α/Bomber Time (AT) confirmation, power ON/OFF → Taking over, power ON/OFF → Taking over, power ON/OFF →

The continuation of the travelogue will be next week …

One evening

“Tan, I’m coming back soon”

I was waiting

Fabi has come to do the same thing as Ru

At first glance, the boy was lined up

It ’s the way you participate later and do a swing like you’ve been there all the time.

What Fabi was doing before

I wonder if the lower child is chewy

I came back in two one, and I was showing the dance of joy.

Somehow good friend and brother

The 11th was Totan’s birthday

After a long time with my sister and niece, Mi -chan

The birthday party is a mom’s gift

Prepare table flowers from your favorite flower shop

It’s a regular shop that mom loves

Although it is a shop that can only include two sets of dinner time

On this day, he reserved it at the time of reservation

The sea urchin in the sea urchin of the appetizer was delicious

Of course, tuna pickled in olive oil

Low -temperature cooking pork after salting for 18 hours

The red sea bream is also a favorite of bamboo shoots

Mom and Totan are recommended by the manager

For orange wine

Both pasta and dessert were delicious

It was two and a half hours while talking while talking

The present from my sister and Mi -chan is

Baccarat 더나인카지노 glass

Tan, even if it’s a cheap whiskey with this

You can drink highball deliciously Uhihi

I’m participating in the ranking

I would be glad if you could support me

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