“Dragon Walk Mahjong is just Mahjong and 50 consecutive.”

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Yesterday, my friend hit a metakin sword with a lucky ticket distributed.

I felt sad for some reason

My passion of Dragon Quest for more than 30 years is not transmitted to the operation.

It’s too much to give it to people who have never done the Dragon Quest series.

After seeing it, I was able to pull 50, including the gacha distributed.

It was the royal rapeia and platinum wing.

There are a lot of SP weapons even though there is no pickup weapon.

Did I do something bad for Squarei -san?

It seems to be addicted to the tactic that lets you put out a lot of armor and bring it to the ceiling lol

I forgot that story and played Mahjong.

Is it a Mahjong -like play like Dragon Quest? I thought, but it was just Mahjong

I also talked about this because my friend is a mahjong friend, but is there a mahjong at Dragon Quest? It was an impression.

After all, the quality is low compared to the mahjong -only app, and the tempo is slow.

He said that if he wanted to do it, he would do it with the mahjong app and he didn’t know why he put it in.

For me, I don’t think it’s going to kill time and it’s not bad, but I still want a bit more crisp.

I wonder if the movement to distribute a little more and the behavior of discarding it will be high -speed.

Well, I guess it would be nice to seek the quality of the extraordinary mahjong.

If a metakin sword came out, you might have seen it a little more favorably 바카라 lol

The slot is not touching.

Even in the old Dragon Quest series, I did my best because the prizes were powerful, but I never did it.

So if you have a common casino coin, I’m going to save it with mahjong that you can still enjoy.

I think that negative opinions are natural for those who have never touched Mahjong.

Mahjong has a complicated rule and is not an easy -to -learn game. There are many roles and various complex elements are added. I don’t know the timing of crying.

It is an impression that it has become a half -hearted content that is not enough even if you like mahjong, and it has become a halfway content that is not accepted by those who do not know Mahjong.

Uncle next to Noah, 55 Baccarat chandeliers. The photo is 5 years ago today.

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