Gaming UMPC “Ayaneo Air” like a portable game console. Overwhelming compact that can be in the inner pocket of the suit!

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“Ayaneo Air” developed by ayaneo is a slate -type gaming UMPC equipped with a full HD resolution 5.5 -inch OLED display.

Until now, the “Ayaneo” series that the company has released is all models that use 7 -inch displays, but this time “Ayaneo Air” is a new concept series released by the company in May, a 5.5 -inch type. As the size tells the story, it is characterized by a very compact housing and a weight of about 398g, which emphasizes portability.

As for the performance, the CPU is a ZEN 3 core architecture “Ryzen 5 5560U”. The adoption of the latest architecture can demonstrate 10%higher than the Zen 2 architecture “Ryzen 5500U”. This time, among the 4SKU prepared, I tried the lightest model “Ayaneo Air-Standard Version-“.

Anyway small!

Again, the biggest feature of “Ayaneo Air” is its overwhelming, thin and lightweight housing. The external dimensions are about 224 x 89.5 x 26 mm (width x depth x height), 18mm the thinnest part, 398g weighing 398g. It is difficult to understand if it is only a numerical value, but the weight is equal to the Nintendo Switch, which is actually a portable game console, but the body size is definitely smaller than Switch. If you look at the exterior alone, it is almost the same size as a smaller Nintendo Switch Lite.

I tried it in the inside of the suit and tried to carry it, but although the analog stick was slightly caught, I could store it without any problems in size. This compactness that can be easily carried even when traveling such as commuting is a startling word.

The 5.5 -inch OLED (organic EL) display that contributes to small size is compatible with resolution 1,920 x 1,080 dots, and has a high contrast ratio of NTSC 109%and 100,000: 1. If you look at the actual screen, the compact size has a high -resolution high -definition feeling, so the game screen will be displayed quite colorfully even if the encoding resolution of the game is reduced.

The default scaling is set to 175%, and in this state, the characters on the screen can be clearly recognized. However, if it is 175%, the scaling setting is troublesome because the interface such as a button may not be displayed normally depending on the software. By the way, if you change the scaling to 100%, it will be quite difficult to visualize such as small letters, but the full HD resolution display on a small 5.5 -inch display has a considerable high definition and uses it. Very comfortable.

Equipped with ZEN 3 core architecture “Ryzen 5 5560U”!

The processor is equipped with the “Ryzen 5 5560U”, which uses ZEN 3 core architecture, with a built -in memory with a built -in memory and a storage of 512GB SSD. It can be said that the specifications are often seen in recent gaming UMPCs, but the point is that it is built into this compact housing.

As a cooling mechanism, the bottom is equipped with a wide range of intake mouth and exhausts from the top. If you follow your hand on the exhaust port during the operation, the warm air of the heat will be discharged from the exhaust port, but there is no problem with the operation of the main unit, and the temperature of the warm air is hot and it can not be touched. It doesn’t go up.

One thing to keep in mind is that the intake or exhaust port is not blocked. For example, it is not a problem to use it in your hand, but if the intake port or exhaust port is blocked when the body is placed on a blanket on a blanket on your feet, it is excreted. The heat may not be performed normally, and it may get hot as the main body cannot be held. In addition, even if the sleep is released while stored in a case, etc., it is very dangerous because the fever will be muffled. If this situation continues, the body may break down, so it is a good idea to use it consciously about the position of the intake and exhaust.

The game controller to be prepared for the main unit has an analog stick and a cross key on the left, an A/B/X/Y button and an analog stick on the right, and an RT/LT trigger and an RB/LB button on the top.

In addition, next to the RB/LB button on the top of the top is a shoulder key that can set your favorite RC/LC keys along the edge of the top of the top, and can set your favorite, such as putting in and out of software keyboards. 。 In addition, at the bottom of the left cross key, the Xinput -compliant view button and menu button are arranged side by side, and at the bottom of the right analog stick is a dedicated button to activate the “Aya Space” described later, the desktop by pressing it next to it. Equipped with a desktop button to display.

In addition, an LED is built in the base of the stick part, and it shines at the time of power or sleep. The glowing patterns and colors can be customized, so you can change them according to your taste, and it is a truly gaming atmosphere.

The other interfaces are equipped with a USB Type-C 크레이지슬롯 terminal that can supply power on the top and bottom, and the top surface is equipped with a volume button and a power button. The power button has a built -in fingerprint authentication sensor, and by registering in advance, the authentication up to the login when pressing the power can be completed smoothly. The bottom is equipped with a microSD card slot and 3.5 mm audio output. The battery capacity is 7,350mAh. In addition, a built -in dual gyroscope that can manipulate the game due to inclination.

Of the four types of SKUs, the direct sales price of Standard Version, which I tried this time, was 123,930 yen on September 5, the thinnest part 17 mm, 8GB of memory capacity, and the storage 128GB SSD is the lowest/the lowest SSD. The thin model “Ayaneo Air Lite” has 100,800 yen, Standard Version’s battery capacity increased to 10,050mAh, “Ayaneo Air Pro”, which has the thinnest part and weighs 450 g, is 136,980 yen, a limited quantity. In addition, “Ayaneo Air Pro-Advance Version-“, which upgraded the PRO CPU to “Ryzen 7 5825U”, is 186,120 yen.

The body color varies depending on the SKU, Ayaneo Air Lite can be selected either Aurora White, and Ayaneo Air-Standard Version- is either Aurora White and Polar Black. Ayaneo Air Pro/Pro-Advance-Version- is only Polar Black.

In addition to a glass film and hard case as an optional option, a dedicated cradle with wired LAN terminals, USB terminals, and HDMI output will be provided for 17,80 yen. If you use a cradle, you can use it like a deferred PC, as it can be used as a deferred PC, as it can be done smoothly by placing it.

The original launcher software “AYA SPACE” is convenient

Equipped with a dedicated launcher software “AYA SPACE” developed as a pre -installed software. At startup, it starts up automatically, can be used as a game launcher that can be used by selecting and launching the installed game only by controller and touch panel operation, and the power control of the main unit (change of TDP settings), fan rotation speed, display resolution, etc. are easy. Can be adjusted. In addition, detailed settings such as on/off the gyroscope function, customization of controllers, and analog stick LED settings are also possible.

If you want to display the PC desktop, you can easily switch with the dedicated button to prepare for the main unit. Also, if it does not start properly, you can return by starting from the desktop shortcut.

Aya Space In non -active, press the dedicated button once, so that “AYAQUICKTOOL”, which can use some functions on the spot, appears on the right end of the screen, and tdp adjustment, fan control, display resolution and brightness adjustment, volume operation. , The function of the shortcut registered in advance can be used. When enabling aya Space, the full screen is displayed by pressing and holding the dedicated button.

Aya Space is generally a problem in terms of function, but it is basically all English interface, and when applying the settings, it is not only pressed the key, but also needs to hold a long press. Because it is made, you need some getting used to it. However, there is no doubt that the usability that can easily adjust the rotation speed of TDP and fans according to the place to carry is very convenient and useful.

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