“Japan Dora” Mitazono of Housekeeper “#6”

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It was a content that made me think a little !!

Hello, this is

Episode 6 is a nursing home called “Golden no Sato”.

“Elderly people who have money but have no familiarity”

“Youth who has no money but has time”

Like a facility to live together

But cup ramen 1000 yen

Young people are overtaking the old man’s money

It looks like you’re being forced 카지노 to work.

But this time

What a basement of the nursing home

I’m the one

Neither the owner of the elderly home nor a young man

In the old man !!

Because there is this

The progress of dementia is slow

You can live lively

The old people say …

After all, get caught by the police

People with dementia progressed

Dark casinos are bad

It was worth living for everyone

I wish I had another fun

Because the young man is a little

“Are you okay!? I’ll bring it !!”

Or too kind and kind

“I am an old man”

I didn’t like it because I realized that.

I made me think a little by such content.

How to be treated

So it gets happy or hurt

It’s a difficult place …

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