[LFA] Tanaka Road Religion, aiming to return to UFC, is mainly deprived of the back, and the counterattack is also lost, but he lost Split (Gong martial arts).

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On August 5, 2022 (Japan Time 6, 10:00 in the morning), “LFA 138: FARIAS VS. TANAKA” was held at Grand Hotel Casino & Resort in Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA. [Photo] At the time of measure the day before, Faras was the body of this backdrop, and Bantam -class Tanaka Road (Team Alpha Mail), who faces his main event, released the UFC with 2 wins and 3 losses, and then the current UFC flyweight. Win Houjerio Bontorin with a rear naked chalk. Although he signed a contract with ACB, he won the Russian Vladimir Leontives in Pancrase in March 2019, and signed up with LFA to re -contract UFC. Due to the influence of the new colon virus and visa, a blank for more than two and a half years was available, but Hikald Diaz won the LFA 117 in November 2021 and was decorated with the first LFA team. However, while his LFA 2 races were difficult to decide, he was able to make a match with UFC and seek participation in organizations, and finally decided to play in LFA for the first time in nine months. An opponent Ali Faras is MMA 11 wins and 3 losses. Farrias, the black belt of Ramon Lemos under Andre Pednailas, is a powerful Jiu -Jitsuian who has won Joao Miao in the 2018 Mungeial Light Featherweight Semifinals. He lost TKO in “Arzalet Fighting 1” and won the TKO and Simon Olivela, who has participated in Pancrase, and won the MMA5 consecutive victories, but lost TKO to Marcos Brench, who contracted with Bellator. In the previous match in October 2021, he won the Girotinchiwoke in the “Cassino Fight 7” in Hodrigo de Moula. Of the seven submission victory, the finisher has five wins in the rear naked chalk, and if Tanaka gives up a position, be careful of scramble or a good bridge. Is a partner who needs. In a preliminary interview, Tanaka said strongly in the game with the Jiu -Jitsu Black Back Faras, saying, “I am a very strong player who is a Jiu -Jitsu, I am also a grappler. There is. The second in Tanaka will include Lotus Setagaya and Kohei Yasumi, a practice area in Japan, and Nami Kawahara, who is participating in ONE. Tanaka hugs with Yasubo Ishihara on the cage side. Faras shows the muscles raised by the bakibaki. 1R, both are orthodox. Tanaka stands up with the upper body. Open his hand and take a detailed step. Tanaka grabs Faras’s left middle and takes a takedown! Pound from Farrias inside full guard. Faras goes to Tanaka’s left foot with his right arm and gets on Tanaka’s back in an ankle transition from diving! Farious changed from a single back to a 4 -shaped back. List control with your left hand and pound with your right hand from behind. Farrias strangles his right arm when he tries to remove his legs. Faras aims at Tanaka, who dies on the right side. In the remaining 10 seconds, I put my legs on my head and the arm cross is a buzzer. In the 코인카지노 Faras round. 2R, Tanaka hits the right low while stretching his left hand. Faras also returns Inlays, and Tanaka also returns. Faras in a super -high -speed double leg. Tanaka tries to shift her hips at the moment of the back take, but she has a cage and can’t turn. Tanaka prevents Faras aiming for Lian Nikido Chokes. Tanaka diving on the right side is positive! 1 minute 10 seconds left. Tanaka opposes the closing guard’s Farrias into the cage, and the Faras is attracted, and Tanaka is a buzzer in a single leg to the back from the ankle joint. Tanaka rewinded in the second half, but is this round of the Faras? 3R, Tanaka was sent to the corner saying “Absolutely win”. Tanaka, who pierces the left and right on the stand, scatters up and down. Farrias, whose head grabs his legs and turns back, is backed by a single leg from a single leg! Tanaka opposed the Faras, a 4 -character rock, 3 minutes and 50 seconds remaining! 3 minutes remaining from the top. Tanaka pounds and crushs the waist from below and pounds to the Faras, who sets an arm cross! Tanaka is insidious to the closed guard’s Faras. Faras’s rubber guard, arm cross aim is desperate and desperate pound. Dive aiming for diving and sprinkling the feet backwards and crushing the knee shield and going to the pound. Faras aims for a back from a straightft rock, but Tanaka takes up straight. buzzer. Tanaka took this round … The judgment fell to 2-1 (29-28 x 2, 28-29), and Faras won. “I’ve been doing hard training. Tanaka is a tough guy. It’s like a samurai. I want to be a champion. Give me a title shot,” he said. Tanaka, whose visa cuts in 2023, lost one LFA win and one loss. What kind of choice do you make in the future?

August 20 (Japan Time 21st) The main card of the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) show [game broadcast: Show Time] will be announced by last weekend to be held at Seminol Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Florida, USA. It has been.

The main is the former 4 -class champion Adrian Broner (33 in the game: rice: 34 wins 24 KO4, 1 minute 1 NC) vs Former WBC World Lightweight Champion Omar Figelois Jr. (US: 28 wins 19 KO2 defeated 1 minute) 12th round.

After three to 0 사설홀덤사이트 judgments to Manny Pacquiao (ratio) in January 2019, a broner who regained an unnamed Hobanie Santiago (Puerto Rico) in February last year with a 3-0 judgment, and now two consecutive losses. Figeloore Jr. in the middle (Jordenis Ugas 3-0 judgment and 6 rounds abstained in Abel Ramos TKO).

It seems that the broner advantage does not move from the current situation, but Figeloa Jr. cannot drop here to stay on the world front, and he should come with him.

Semi is the WBA World Super Lightweight Championship Battle, 1st/former WBA Provisional Champion Albert Puyo (Dominica Republic: 20 KOs 20 KOs) VS 6th Batil Ahmedov (31 = Uzbekistan: 9 wins 8KO1 loss) 。

Former champion Josh Taylor refused to match Peejo, depriving the throne, deciding the title of a vacant title.

An interesting card of Southpaw’s technician Pujo and the experienced amateur (participating in the Rio Olympics as a Turkish national team).

Semi -Semi is the WBA World Super Featherweight (Regular) Title Match, King Roger Guteles (27 = Venezuela: 26 wins 20 KO3 loss 1 minute) VS 1st place Eector Lewis Garcia (30 = Republic of Dominica: 15 wins 10 KO Unbeatable 3NC) Nocust game.

This match was officially announced on July 10 (Japan time), which was officially announced in the Calacas, the capital of Venezuela, but was finally postponed and changed to the venue, and was incorporated into the PBC box office.

Guteles was the second defense battle, Garcia, who broke the former WBA provisional champion Chris Colber (US) with a large difference of 3-0, and gained the right to nominate.

Except for Brona, even if there are no particular players, former champion confrontation + double world war, maniac? It is the box office of the card formation.