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Macau for 2 nights and 3 days, the hotel of a local restaurant that was better than the hotel casino

Usually, Hong Kong and Macau are tied together,

We didn’t have time, and Hong Kong was a place I’ve been to many times, so I didn’t have much inspiration.

In fact, Macau has already been to, but at that time, I went to Macau for a while in Hong Kong for a while, so I didn’t have much memory about Macau, so I went to Macau with the expectation that I could go back to Macau’s night view, casino, and food. .

After all, in April, Macau’s night was gorgeous in the weather that was not cold or hot.

The casino didn’t have a lot of bullets, so they stopped at the extent that they only tasted, and we went to eat as much as possible.

Tim Ho Wan Dimsum I went to Hong Kong twice when I traveled alone.

That barbecue is so delicious. The meat is boiled in a sweet time. And whenever you eat it, it is right (shrimp seam) and steamed glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves.

*Side-I loved Tim Ho-wan so much that I was in Macau. The baby sitting in a baby chair continued to listen to the chair table, and the table came back and smashed my back. The parents who stayed so mischievous in a narrow restaurant were annoying. Eat well, and at the end of the day.

I was better at Macau’s flashing casinos, colorful and huge hotels and shopping centers. Taipa Village was a beautiful alley, and it had a small but cute taste.

The most expensive children we ate in Macau. It was African Chicken and Shrimp Curry. I went to the famous Portuguese restaurant and ate it, but it was delicious, but it was a pity when I thought about money. Still, the interior is so pretty here. In fact, I wanted to eat crab, but the crab was more expensive, so I came to Korea and bought something similar.

I didn’t expect this, but it was so delicious! I bake a meat like a baguette like a baggette, but I didn’t have much 에볼루션카지노 seasoning. But this is what. Baguette was crispy and so delicious, and it was really delicious.

If you go to Macau, you must try it.

This is really the best !!!!! We both could speak Chinese, so we looked for local restaurants that didn’t appear in the guidebook without much rejection.

In fact, it feels like a hotpot rather than a hot pot. There are a lot of seafood and the broth was cool.

The hot pot was delicious, but it was more delicious than the hot pot !!!!!!! This is really something. It was a taste that called the real beer that the red pepper and garlic were added together and fried, spicy taste, and corn broke out and the fragrance of red peppers spread. It was a side menu that was a bit boring and neat seafood hot pot.

The shrimp egg bibim noodles, which were eaten with the challenge, were something stiff. I mixed a lot of shrimp on the thin and stiff egg noodles.

Egg Tarts ate people in line in the alley that I accidentally found on the way to the hostel on the first day. It was so hot that the crispy feschuri was so hot that it was really hot.

And most of all, the night view of Macau was pretty. At night, I came out and walked, and I sat in front of it in a much quieter and more beautiful light than the day and talked about Doran Doran for a long time. It didn’t seem to talk about it. It was Macau, who just felt like the mood of the day, air, lighting, and the softness of egg tart in his mouth.