The beginning of the missionary church, which was exploited from Japan “50 billion yen a year”, was “smuggling to save Japan” (Smartflash).

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Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination was triggered by the unusual situation of the former Unification Church (currently the World Peace Peace Unification Family Union) one after another. [Photos] The focus of the Tenshin Shrine Museum of the Old Unification Church is entitled “Weekly Bunshun”, which was released on August 4, entitled “The nature of Bunrai Akira, Han Tsuruko” Greedy Couple “. It’s an article. The magazine reports that the founder of the Unification Church and the current Governor, Tsuruko and his wife, have been in the casino. During the doctrine, betting is strictly prohibited, but Mr. Bun was hooked on Blackjack and Han was hooked on the slot. They set up a large mansion in New York, which is said to be 7 billion yen, and since then purchased land in various places, including Los Angeles and Hawaii. He also owned two limousines and two yachts. They set up a variety of businesses in the United States, but the most luxurious lives were a large donation from Japanese believers. The magazine reported that a total of 490 billion yen and about 50 billion yen a year were transferred from Japan to Korea in the nine years since 1999. “I don’t know exactly how much money the old Unification Church has collected, but for example, the New York Times, for example, the donation of billions of dollars by the mid -1980s by the mid -1980s. From the family to the church’s safe, another article on the newspaper was sent from 1976 to 2010 to the United States, $ 3.6 billion in the United States, or more than 470 billion yen. (Journalist familiar with emerging religions) Former Unification Church was a new religious religion established in Korea in Korea. Was started. It was 1964 that was certified as a religious corporation in Japan. How did the mission to Japan begin? Initially, “we were smuggling to save Japan,” said Mr. Bun himself in his autobiography. According to “Peace -loving world -loved world -loved Autid Edition” published in October 2009, Mr. Bun, who was conducting missionary activities in Korea in 1958, called Mr. Choi (Japan’s name Masaru Nishikawa). “You have to cross the Genkai Nada right now. You can’t return until you win.” At that time, there were no diplomatic relations between Japan and South Korea, so we had no choice but to smuggle. However, Choi is arrested as soon as he arrives in Japan and is imprisoned in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prison. For about nine months, he has been forced to be repatriated to Korea, but he begins to fast in prison, saying, “If you return to Korea, let’s choose death.” When fasting due to fasting, the remittance was postponed because it was determined that treatment was needed. Choi fled from the hospitalization, and after the hardship, finally founded a church in Japan in October 1959. 《I sent a missionary to Japan to smuggle it was to save Japan and at the same time to open the future of Korea. Rather than refusing Japan and breaking the relationship, we thought that after teaching the Japanese, we must be the main part of them. South Korea, who has nothing to do with Japan, has to open a path that leads to politicians in Japan, and it is expected that the future of South Korea’s survival will be opened only if it is connected to the United States. (From “World People who Love Peace”) It was a very useful Japanese politician in the former Unification Church to succeed in the United States. “Mr. Bun, who succeeded in business in the United States, was convicted of tax evasion and was imprisoned. Is currently reported to be unreasonably detained. “It has been reported in” Weekly Shincho “to send a letter to release. Although it should not be possible to enter the country under the law, it is said that the deputy president 카지노 of the Kanamaru Nobu Liberal Democratic Party at the time was instructed by super -laws. “It will become a social issue.” Critics are gathering on the net. 《It means that you have eaten Japanese people in Japan and the United States. Mainly only Japanese people. “” I’m sorry that politicians have no choice but to complain in such a country where politicians protect groups that hang money collected in Japan overseas. ” It would have been intended, but it was actually used as a tool to increase the number of believers from the cult. ” You should look right.

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