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2022.09.11 The Ukrainian War has not yet ended. Ukraine is pushing the eastern and southern part of Russia. On the other hand, inflation is continuing due to soaring energy prices, and the price of daily necessities, such as food and fuel, although Japan is not as much as other countries. The weak yen was remarkable and exceeded $ 140 per dollar. Can we continue the luxurious hobby of European railway models in the future? What will happen in Japan in the future? Surely many people are pretending to be unstable in the future.

Once again after a long time.

This time, we will introduce MagicBox, a new TRAINO brand product developed by Prof. to the entity of the attic Wonderland’s electronic device department technical advisor.

This is a prototype that has not been officially released yet.

Every time I make a new weapon, I use it as a trial, so I would like to 코인카지노 send my impressions firmly.

So what is MagicBox?

A device that switches between analog and digital.

Our roof back Wonderland has an analog and digital aircraft, and when driving analog, connect 5 truck feeders to five KATO power packs and turn the throttle.

When performing digital operation, the 5 -line feeder line is connected to the DESKTOPSTATION command station DSAIR2 and the screen is tapped with a smartphone.

This connection work is easy but troublesome.

As a result, I had not driven analog for a while.

After analog operation, digital operation was troublesome.

You want to run both digital and analog machines easily.

Then MagicBox realized that it would not be easier if you could choose which one at hand.

This is MagicBox, a new weapon of the TRAINO brand.

The appearance is not a BOX but a base.

A place where Aoya connects to the command station.

Where the red arrow connects to the feeder line on the track.

Each uses KATO joints, so insert it.

The test vehicle is a minitrix analog machine DB BR152 Porsche wrapping locomotive and Fleischmann SBB RE460 locomotive.

Connected to DSAIR2 and feeder line.

When the power of DSAIR2 was turned on on the smartphone control screen, the arrow flashed.

It is the operation as the manual.

Next, the decoder address is set to the default address 99 of MagicBox to perform analog operation.

As I raised the meter, the yellow arrow became orange light.

It indicates that the voltage is rising.

An analog machine started running.

Conversion in the direction of career direction is possible with command station or MagicBox button, and the image is a conversion from a command station.

The display became reverse, and the sound of the yellow arrow glowed from the MagicBox.

And I was able to change direction without any problems.

Then switch to digital operation.

When the F4 of the fantasy key was turned on with the address 99, the yellow arrow glowed.

It indicates that it has changed to digital.

After switching to digital, change the address to 12 set to SBB RE460.

If you raise the meter

A digital machine started running.

Yeah, this is good.

It is much more convenient than imagined that you can drive analog and digital without changing the feeder line.

The roof back Wonderland uses DSAIR2 for the command station, so the operation is remote control using a smartphone.

Large layouts, which have a narrow space for people, were very convenient for remote control in Wonderland, and it was not inconvenient to do that.

Therefore, MagicBox, which can remotely control analog machines, is super convenient.

Until now, when trying to drive an analog machine with digital DSAIR2, I had to connect Desktopstation’s pure analog adapter, but when I changed from analog to digital, I had to change the wiring.

It is more convenient to control digital and analog without this wiring work.

Yeah, it’s really convenient.

In addition, the good thing about MagicBox is that you can set the minimum speed and maximum speed of analog machines.

When I read the instruction manual, I wondered what the function was for, but the analog machine has a different voltage that runs out depending on the motor performance, so this function makes it possible to start smoothly.

The European manufacturer’s motor does not run unless you apply a considerable voltage, so it is difficult to understand when you start running because you have to turn more than half the power pack throttle.

Therefore, if you set the minimum speed of MagicBox, you will be able to run the M car at the same time as raising the throttle.

The setting method is easy, turn the throttle in the default state, and just press and hold the blue button when the M car starts slowly.

Then, the next time you turn the throttle, the M car will start running.

In other words, the set M car can be the minimum voltage that starts moving.

This is surprisingly happy.

If you can control it properly, video shooting will be much easier and you can control it remotely.

In this trial, it turned out that it is an essential item for the back of the roof, which is a mixture of digital and analog machines.

This is a convenient item, so I want people with both analog and digital swords use by all means!

see you!

History of “small Europe and small railway”

All the beginnings


Sayonara layout


The beginning of the back of the roof Wonderland


The back of the roof Wonderland production record



This time, I will describe what is necessary for the growth of Christ.

As usual, I wrote it in an easy -to -understand manner, and it would be difficult to understand. From Saya, people who do not understand these contents or do it can be said to be over. Rebellers are prepared to go to hell.

First, protect God’s law, rules, and commandments from love and religion for God.

This is the most important and a prerequisite. Repenting refers to this. Breaking away from the secular way of life that violates the law of God during the unbelief, the way of life that follows God is to protect God’s laws, rules, and commitment from love and religion for God. means. Just knowing the law is not enough, and the unknown is not the question (see Hosea Book 4th Chapter 4th Sixth Sixth). The phrase wrote in the past article, “The Bible is only 66 volumes.” Self -proclaimed Christians who belong to the churches of the world and various teachings, or who are not belonging to the churches of the world and are misunderstood, and are not sure of the Christians who are the Christians, have fulfilled their obligations as Christians. It is out of the question, “I do not know you at all. Those who do it from me, do not know you at all.” Later, many self -proclaimed Christians, who are actually many Paul teachers, will be rejected. Because, ignoring the law and making a mistake, it is guilty and regarded as an unbelief. Because it is a Christian believer, it is a great premise that it keeps the law of God. Nevertheless, if you still believe in the lie of Paul, a false envoy that the law has been abolished, you will be determined to go to hell. Many people do not go through this first barrier. At that point, it’s out of the question. First, it is necessary to pass through this narrow gate and continue walking without deviating the road. Then, take the next steps and subsequent procedures.

Second, control yourself.

“Refreshing” refers to “thinking and processing things according to a certain standard.” If you are a Christian, of course, the standard is the Bible (excluding the fake apostles Paul’s fake noise), and according to it, you will not be able to deal with things and human relationships in your daily life. If you think and process things based on secular standards, you can’t say that you are a Christian, but you are only an unbelievable person. The criteria for good and evil should be in accordance with the Bible, the law of God. Even if it is allowed in the world, if it is against God’s law or the order of creation, it should not be done. In this way, by reliance on the law and ruling yourself, you will be sacred. For that reason, it is essential to be aware of the evil of the world and do the act of independence. It is easy to blindly believe in the evil of the world (government, wealthy, news agencies, etc.) and follow the instructions.

Three, self -control.

Self -control is “to suppress your own emotions and desires.” This is also very important. “Sin is the difference between the law and the difference.” (John’s Letter 1 3 Chapter 4 Section Fourth translations) is as quoted in many past articles, and it is still sinful to repeat it. Understanding the definition of, fools are determined to go to hell. Jacob’s letter 1st to 15th to 15th, which is a trigger for his desires to be tempted, causing sin, that is, a crime of law. You need to control it, which also needs to do it yourself. If you are won by others, if you don’t have to control, you’ll be guilty of yourself. From Saya, he has a problem with himself, has not been able to repent, and is not defended by the Lord Jesus in a place of death after death, and is rejected to join the kingdom of God. A person who is unable to commit sin is not suitable for eternal life.

The fundamentals of committing a difference in the law of God are all directly connected by self -control. They don’t hate sin and love sins, so they’re forbidden in the laws and do not follow the law, and the believers of the fake apostles Paul. Not only sin, but various bad actions are related to self -control. For example, alcoholic poisoners who stop drinking alcohol continue to sacrifice alcohol even at the expense of other things because they are not able to control them. The cigarette is stopped and the nicotine addict continues to seek cigarettes eagerly because of self -control. The sugar addicts are stopped by eating and drinking sweet foods, and they continue to eat sweets because they are self -restrained (as I wrote in the past, purified white sugar is harmful and drugs). The gambling is stopped and dopamine pleasure addicts continue to gamble even if they borrow their own. The drug is so good, but once you put your hand out, you can’t stop and end your life. There are many people who are actually ending their lives, even if they are not drugs, and they should be careful. Don’t think lightly. If you know the danger of fitting, you shouldn’t put your hands at all from the beginning. “Don’t get close to Kimiko.”

Now, let’s take one of the recent serious social issues. It is a billing system called “gacha” and “Fukubiki”, which is common in gaming apps distributed on the Internet, which is very problematic. I think it’s a case that should be caught as a crime in a criminal case because of gambling. Here (Izumi General Law Office), lawyers explain the sins on gambling, and those who are not familiar with the law will look at it. Let me give a criminal law on gambling.

Article 185 of the Penal Code

The gambling person shall be fined or less than 500,000 yen. However, this does not apply when you only bet on what you are doing for temporary entertainment.

Article 186 of the Penal Code Article -to -A -habit gambling and gambling field opening, etc.

Those who have gambling as a habit will be sentenced to prison for less than three years.

(Ii) those who open a gambling field or bind the Hiroshi to make a profit will be sentenced to prison for more than five years or more.

Gambling refers to two or more people betting on money and things, such as accidental mourning of property. Gacha depends on the chance, and the two who are charged (the non -payer is not eligible for the fact that they are fighting money and fighting money and other goods, but they are not eligible) and the operating company. He is fighting for his mourning and falls under the requirements for gambling crimes. When gambling is rampant, the purpose of the legislation is prohibited by law because the lives and society of the people are disturbed. From Saya, all gambling is banned and should be disappeared from this world. You should also stop acknowledging in exception to public gambling such as horse racing. Since we have been tolerating such antisocial things for many years, there are many stupid Japanese. Live seriously. All bad things are legalized for politicians, bureaucrats and wealthy people because they have interest. I don’t know that, and there are too many stupid people who are accused of gambling and accusing them.

The sale of the out -of -buy -type gaming is not a gambling because there is no content to transfer the actual thing to consumers and rely on the coincidence of gacha to demand money endlessly, and there is no problem. It will be done. However, the gaming company does not exploit the accident of “gacha” and “Fukubiki” in recent gaming apps and make money by fueling people’s desires and gambling, and consumers have raised money. It is reality. In this case, it cannot be said that the gaming company is working seriously because it is greedy, and he commits a gaming open book that widely provides consumers a gacha that relies on the gender of people’s gambling. Only. The operating company is sure to provide things that consumers are provided through gachas, and they provide only a very low probability of providing items, and in some cases they will not provide any of them. It can be said. Looking on the Internet, there are many victims who are writing complaints in the operating company. However, the payer cannot only say the victim, and the consumer who is charged with a gacha will commit gambling, and those who have been charging for many years will commit regular gambling. The lixture of Article 185 stipulates that the crime is evacuated only when it is temporary. If you are doing it in a temporary and frequent way, you will no longer be exempted, and you can be exempt from being permanently installed in the game app. As you can see in this (Sankei Shimbun), the gaming company that is doing business with a smartphone game gacha sells hundreds of billions of yen, and is not a scale that can be overlooked, and is guilty of gambling books. Consumers, who have been charged for many years and years, are guilty of regular gambling. If you know the law, you should be able to judge as a matter of course. However, in the world, those who are called legal experts are aware of it, or some people are aware of it, but do not intentionally make a case, and try to make a crime stubbornly and stubbornly. Isn’t it? The Japanese judicial administration is strange because the regulations of the protection of the Japanese people are regulated, but only the regulations and crackdowns that will be disadvantageous for the Japanese people are quickly performed. As mentioned at the end of this (born of crying but Ameblo), the current LDP Kishida administration is 500 billion yen to support the abnormal Ukrainian government that attacks its own people, hundreds of billions in developing countries. While contributing a circle, he refuses to give a few support money to the Japanese people. Yeah, they are the dominant dolls of the European and American dominant, and they notice the Japanese enemy. Even after receiving such a criminal and terrible treatment, the spirit of modern Japanese people is abnormal, as a politician has occurred like an old peasant revolt. At best, bark on Twitter etc. on the Internet, or spill the complaints in a hidden place and end. Why do you not go to the parliament hall and Kasumigaseki to protest every day in a group. I wonder if modern Japanese are silently and quietly oppressed by the government.

By the way, as a gambling, as mentioned here (Nikkan Gendai), it was controversial that former prosecutor Kurokawa was gambling Mahjong. Masako Mori, who was the Minister of Justice at the time over the extension of this person, was also a lawyer qualification, but it is also a new memory that the special law has exposed the ignorance of knowing the principle of priority to the general law. (Yahoo News) said, “Mori’s answer is not explained,” he criticized the former prosecutor Gohara. As shown here (television industry memo), Mr. Kurokawa defends the Liberal Democratic Party, a very left party full of sellers, conceals crime or unprecedented to leave the criminals away, and has a large number of cases. People who have done bad things to bury. From Saya, the Liberal Democratic Party members who are doing evil may have expanded Kurokawa’s retirement age until ignoring the law. Even if a prosecutor of a national public servant who controls the judicial administration commits a crime dignifiedly, it will be paid only by paid a fine of 200,000 yen, which is less than half the specified finished price by the rough, and will later become an outside director of a listed company. I mean … Originally, people with social status, such as parliamentarians and bureaucrats, and all other civil servants, are not punished more than ordinary people. Otherwise, it will be shown to the people, and the sense of responsibility for status and duties will be weakened. Really, modern Japan has no justice, not decent as a country, nor is it a rule. As I taught in the past, Japan was substantially over at the end of the Meiji Restoration, which fell into a puppet of the European and American ruling. The law was abused due to the reasons of the politicians and was not operated normally, and the Japanese -specific culture and words that inherited the ancient Israel were disturbed. Modern Japan is completely “humanism”. In the inconvenience that the ruler created and operated the law and operated the law, etc., and the crime of a friend of the powerful persons became indistinguishable, it would be punished for not prosecution, etc. I’m doing it. This is humanism. On the other hand, the rule of law is the rule of the law, and the punishment is equal, and the punishment is obviously a rule and humanism. The authorities are crazy, and the people involved in the government and justice are full of criminals, and they are not originally caught or judged. Nevertheless, if you are in the job, you will be able to clean your body properly, and in accordance with the law, you will not be able to be a powerful person or rich. I always think about serious punishment, but the reality is very ugly. The reality is that he does not know the “equality under the law” in Article 14 of the Constitution, and is proudly violating the Constitution. For those who have a powerful person or social status, no matter how serious crime commits, they will be charged and deceived, or a light fine will be added, and only a relentless sanctions are added to ordinary people who have no position or money. There are too many bad people who blame or blame. There is a vicious prosecutor who is committed to crimes by vicious politicians and vicious bureaucrats and foreign crimes. This (his maintenance associations chairman Akihiko Matsuyama’s blog) is written about the strange prosecution of foreign crimes, and there are other things. These bad foreigners, rotten prosecutors, television stations, and newspapers that drip only lies, are more blamed. As I mentioned in the past videos, the judicial administration is clearly corrupt because the prosecution’s organization is under US rule. Many of the modern civil servants have just violated the Constitution. He has been infringing human rights for more than two years because of Corona, and is all unconstitutional and illegal crimes. He is killing and killing a poison called vaccine to many people. The worst ultra -genocide in history of violating the Nuremberg rope. Even if there is no one who judges in this rotten world, God will definitely be judged later. Yeah, wake up, Japanese. The high -ranking civil servants know (malicious intentions), pushing harmful waku vaccinations, reducing the population of Japanese people, promoting immigrants, hijacking the country, and taking Japan from the Japanese and handing them to foreigners. I’m committing a Corona crime. If the constitution is amended as drafted by the Liberal Democratic Party, it will be determined that the emergency clause will be worse or worse than the past Nazi in the past. If you allow the constitutional amendment, the parliamentarians, the dominant dolls, will be involved in the war, as they will abandon the pacifism of Article 9 of the Constitution and have an army, and to have a recruitment. If you want to maintain peace, freedom, and human rights as you have done, you are desperately opposing constitutional 더킹카지노 reform. All public servants who are the highest laws and regulations, or are all protected, should be disciplined and fired. If this is penetrated, more than 90 % of the current civil servants can be fired. Read Article 99 of the Constitution and fulfill your obligation to protect the constitution. In the draft of the Liberal Democratic Party’s reform, the people are trying to add the constitutional compliance obligations to enforce the government to enforce the government, but after the amendment, they say that they comply with constitution. He is not qualified to adhere to the constitutional compliance with the bad guys who have been violating Article 99 of the Constitution for more than 75 years after the war and have been selling only the constitution. In addition, there is an obligation to comply with the basic human rights and pacifism prescribed by the current constitution, even if they are private. The Japanese people don’t know the constitution, which is the highest law of the country that guarantees their freedom and human rights, and the idiots are not people. Those who do not know the constitution do not want to be treated as a legitimate person without freedom or human rights without freedom or human rights, so the government is always monitoring and managing as a prisoner, and there is no freedom or human rights. If you want a super -communist society that is treated as livestock, move to your neighbor. In the way. Not necessary for Japan. If you don’t wear harmful and useless masks, like the Chinese of this (Bitchute), you’ll want a society where you will be arrested or assaulted just for it. If you realize Corona’s lies and are seriously reluctant, if you allow the selling people to change the constitution without seriously opposing the constitution, you will see that there is no sight in Japan. If that happens, don’t think lightly if you mask it. Once the constitution is amended, you will be forced to be forced to be forced. A bad guy from a squirming and stupid thinking circuit forever. The terrible corona teachers (Corona brain), who have been able to do their herself in vaccination, have been brainwashed by the government and the press, and have the intelligence that understands even this simple reason. Desperately protected the constitution by the members of parliament, who are more than studying the constitution, protecting human rights, and trying to become a communist society like the ruling and opposition guru again from the Meiji era to the pre -war and during the war. world. The Japanese government and the prefectural governor are also full of Western ruling operatives, and in Japan, if they leave evil deeds of politicians, bureaucrats and large companies as they are, and allow the constitutional amendment to the Liberal Democratic Party’s constitution, police are far more. It will be the worst dark society in history. Many Japanese lawyers are useless. Dr. Nakamura, who is completely trusted in the contradictory position of anti -excitement and constitutional promotion group, is writing here (note), writing the ideas of a lawyer who talked to him, but this is also a strange statement. The following is an excerpt.

Quoted from here.

I often see claims on the Internet, such as “forced guilty!” It’s not wrong, but not very practical. The police will never move because they are forced.

Rather, “Please follow the basic policy of the country. Do you take the right to receive my education with the presence or absence of injections? Isn’t that a discriminatory treatment? It’s better to be packed in the person in charge.

Quoted here.

I can’t believe this. What is the word “forced”? The content is messed up. What did you study for the bar exam? It’s a fine crime that corresponds to “3 years or less in prison” in Article 223 of the Penal Code. In response to a fine crime that is not enough for a fine and imprisonment, what is “a”? And I don’t care about your subjectivity or your subjectivity. It’s an objective crime. So don’t do a lawyer. I don’t know where the lawyer knows. If you are a lawyer, you can’t help, and it’s too useless to consult or ask. If the crime of forced crime has been carried out and the evidence has been held down, if it is difficult to report to the police, the police are over, the lawyer is over, and Japan is a frogs that has fallen thoroughly. It will be. Then is the Japanese law “decoration”? If it is not effective or operated, it will only be decorated. Also, the advice of “Please follow the basic policy of the country” is also useful. If the country orders, do you follow anything regardless of good or evil? They are the rules of the rule, the dictatorship, and the dictatorship. Same as China and North Korea. If the constitutional amendment was amended, the “emergency clause”, which imitated the Nazi of the Germany, the Prime Minister declared an emergency even though it was not an emergency, and then the Cabinet issued a government declaration without permission to make the same effect as the law. If you come to have it, it will be a dark society that will be punished if you obey even an unreasonable and strange policy. Have you forgotten what before the defeat? You don’t have the ability to learn, you. Don’t delusion that they don’t have a disadvantage to the people. Why do you want to follow the instructions of the government full of criminals? The reason is that the lawyer is also the other side. If you’re the right person, you shouldn’t say anything. As introduced on the Christ road, some overseas lawyers and judges have been appealing to international criminal courts and taking concrete actions as a crime against humanitarian measures and regulations. Japanese lawyers do not realize that no one is a corona, and all of its countermeasures and regulations are unconstitutional and illegal crimes, and do not oppose the constitutional amendment (Mr. Kihara and Mr. Minamide in anti -Waku litigation. He is a promoter to constitutional amendments, and he doesn’t want to fight to protect the Japanese Constitution and the human rights of the Japanese people. It is not really useful and has no value. If you fight the national power to protect the Japanese, please quit. Really tired, modern Japanese people are swearing, ignorant, and stupid. Even if it is destroyed by this, you are self -employed.

Let’s talk about gacha gambling.

Many Japanese people are deceived by other names, such as “gacha” and “Fukubiki”, and many fools can understand “gambling” as soon as they are “gambling”, and there are many people who feel uncomfortable, but they are completely gambling. or. Gacha is a mechanism that instigates the gambling of the people and pours a lot of money until it hits the thing that does not know if it is lucky. For shopping, pay money to make sure you get what you want. Check in advance the amount required to obtain the product in advance, and when consumers agree on the amount, the first valid sales contract is concluded, sellers hand over the product, and the buyer pays money. However, gacha is not the case, but it depends only on the coincidence that is the requirement of gambling crime, and the amount required to obtain what you want is unknown, and the item you are looking for when you put a lot of money. It is unknown to be in, and there is a property that you will endlessly require money before you get what you want. However, after all, it may not be obtained and it may end up with the end, but it is a big problem. In addition, smartphone gaming is electronic, and it is an extremely limited price that has a value only while the gaming company continues to operate, so there is no actual property. The gaming company that sells such things at a high price is strange, and consumers who try to buy such boring things are strange.

For example, if you want to buy natural water in Hokkaido, you want to buy it, and if you go to the store, like this gacha mechanism, there is also the water in Hokkaido for the time being, but please pay the lottery first. As a result of the lottery, I will give you the product that came out. “And the probability of being discharged to be discharged is extremely low (there is no means or possibility to obtain it, and it is one hundred percent. If it is a good nature, it will be accidental, and all correspond to gambling. If you specify the probability, you may not be able to do it.), Natural water and tap water may come out. It may be water, it may be Fuji’s water, or Hita’s water. At the end of the day, the same liquid soy sauce, mirin and vinegar may come out, so there is a possibility that “what will come out is fun after paying.” What do you think if you do? It’s “playful (angry)”. You want to buy only what you want, but you can get what you want depends on your luck, and there is a high possibility that you will come out. With this, no matter how much money you have, it will be enough and it will take time. This makes you feel like shopping, and I don’t even want to go to a store in the future. So why is it allowed when it comes to gaming? No, I can’t be forgiven. I don’t definitely get what I want, I don’t know when I want to see what I want, the things I want, and what I want may be out forever, but it will take any time. The mechanism to pour a large amount of money unknown is a gambling, which can be said to be a malicious and serious crime. The mechanism of this gacha itself is a gambling and a crime. “If you don’t like it, don’t do it” is out of the question from the stupid statement that fled from the essence. This is a gambling crime or a matter of ignoring. Again, all the acts that are obtained in the format, that is, in a format that relies on accidentalness, are all gambling books. Furthermore, the probability is often unusually low, and not necessarily as probability, but it is a black box (black box) that is revealed what kind of mechanism is revealed. The suspicions of illegal operations and poor maintenance are wiped out, and it has to be said that it is a very malicious business, and illegality has been prevented. In fact, many victims are continuing, and there is no reason for the case. If you specify the probability, there is no problem if you only care about the fact that you do not violate the prize display method, but the act of the gaming company does not hit the gambling book. Because the nature of gacha and fluffy, which is used in all gaming apps, is a gambling. The payer thinks, “I’ll do it next time,” and keeps charging and keeping the lottery, but he has been dragged in a large amount of money that he hasn’t asked for, so he has a lot of money and a lot of money. Only the miserable result of waste time and effort and just squeezed money by the operating company. The gambling such as horse racing and boat racing (it is not said that there is no possibility of a financial reward for consumers, but it is not gambling) and the “essence” is exactly the same. He was guilty of gambling, and his guilty is not spoiled. Even if the crazy authorities continued to leave them ignoring them as they would not punish, all of them were in effect and criminals.

All of the compulsory masks and the forced masks that are introduced and the forced to inoculate are all forced, lying without the corona itself, and trying to crack down on the crime of Corona regulation. In fact, the authorities of the authorities are full of criminals.全部これらを違法としてガチャで商売しとる会社を廃業させてもええ位やし、そうすれば少しは社会が健全化することに資するのに、悪徳行政はこれを黙認し続けてる。同じ悪やからね。悪法である風営法を建前にし、パチンコには警察の利権があるから取り締まりがされへんのと同じく、遊技会社も行政と何かしらの利権があるから、野放しにされてるんやないか。そうに決まってる。それ以外に取り締まらん理由が無いからや。





また、偽りの暦である太陽暦の偽正月の真冬の季節にある日本で発生する「福袋」という商売も、外国人にしたら嫌悪の対象で、これも何が入ってるか分からんもんに金を払いたくないと思われ、敬遠されることが多い。こちら(Hibiki FP Office)でも福袋商売は心理学で購買意欲を巧みに掻き立て、上手く在庫処分したり金儲けしたりする売り手による計略がある。日本人だけですよ、こういう賭博好きなんは。なんで欲しくもない物やハズレのゴミに金を払わなあかんねんってことです。それが当たり前の感性であり、日本人が愚か過ぎるだけ。ドラクエやポケモンに限らず、他にも多くこの種の遊技アプリが存在しており、大金と多くの時間と労力を浪費してる日本人が多いやろ。こちら(YouTube)やこちら(YouTube)から客観的に見た課金者の愚かさ、元重課金者が課金をやめた経験談(YouTube)でも見て、目を覚ませよ、日本人たちよ。なんぼこないな遊技で課金して頑張って遊技を一生懸命に遊んでも、現実社会で何の役にも立たんし、資産にもならず、金銭と時間と労力を大量に浪費させられとるだけやで。それが何故分からんのか。遊技内や撮影した動画をユーチューブに投稿して「私、強いだろー」って言わんばかりに課金した結果を自慢したり、遊技会社に盲従し、しょうもない遊技内の知識自慢をし、無課金の弱者を遠回しに見下す態度を取る等してイキっても何の意味も無いで。その虚しさに気付けよ。誰もそないな課金者に憧れたり、尊敬なんかせえへんよ。むしろ、課金者は精神病患者であり犯罪者なんやから、白い目で見られてることを自覚せい。そもそも、日本の滅亡を目前にし、無知で愚かなあんたらは遊技に夢中になってる暇は無いんやで。過去記事「日本乗っ取り計画、日本人抹殺計画」、「日本人の消滅危機と生き様について」、「早よ行動せんのなら日本は滅びる」や「全力で改憲反対してワクチンも拒否せい」等やキリスト道の「改憲問題」等と日本の危うさに関する多くの警告を書いてきた。それを見てもなお、改憲問題やコロナ犯罪について見向きもせず、遊技に熱中してるなら、改憲で国の在り方が劇的に悪い方向に変わり、自由と人権と平和を奪われて、いずれ遊技もでけへんようになるよ。日本が平和で居られるんも、呑気に遊技で遊べるんも現憲法によって国民主権、平和主義、基本的人権の尊重の三大原理が保障されとるからやで。そのことを認識しろよ。しかし、極左の自民党どもらが率先して憲法九十九条をはじめ多くの憲法違反の違法行為を犯し続け、独裁権力を得て日本人の自由と人権を奪うために改憲と喚き散らし、与野党グルになって改悪されようとしてる危機的状況なんや。それを知って、阻止する行動をせい。何もせんのやったら、あんたら死に絶えるか、支那や北朝鮮の住民のように一切の自由が無い家畜になるで。たとえ悪に屈する道を選び、政府の家畜になってほんの少しこの世で生き長らえても、この世の終わりの時、支配層という悪人と彼らに屈した者全員が、神によって永遠の破滅という地獄行きの刑罰を受けることになる。聖書や当ブログと拙動画、憲法、条約、法律等と必要なことを学び、それでも手が空くなら遊技をやればええ。遊技を一切やらんことに越したことはないが、一切やったらあかんとまでは言うてへん。人の趣味に過剰な口出しはせえへん。律法で禁止されてる訳やないさかい。ただ、度を超すなってことが言いたいだけや。上記で紹介した二百万円超まで課金せんかったとしても、投入金額がたとえ数万円に留まっても、買い切り型(八千円程度)以上の金額を遊技アプリやパソコン遊技等に投入した者は既に度を超してるし、日々の殆どの時間を遊技に費やしてるようでも度を超してる。もっと冷静になり、自制せい。遊技に限らず、酒にしろ、煙草にしろ同じことです。度を超えて世のものに依存するなら、それは神の律法で禁じられてる「偶像崇拝」に当たるからや。また、使徒ヨハネが「世を愛してはならず、世にあるものも愛してはあきません。もし誰かが世を愛するならば、御父の愛はその人の内にありません。」(ヨハネ一 二章十五節拙訳)と言うたことから、この世と世にあるものを愛することはあかんことや。もし遊技をしたいなら、買い切り型を選ぶ、空いた時間に適度にやるだけでのめり込まへん、遊技アプリをやるにしても一切課金せえへん、位置情報等も許可せへんといった姿勢ならば許容範囲や。

そして、運任せで低確率のガチャというネットを通じて賭博開帳で儲けとるすべての遊技制作販売会社たちよ、あんたらは犯罪に当たるような行為を平然と行い、拝金主義に狂い、人々から時間と金銭と労力を大量に奪い、酷い場合は上記に挙げた例のように借金漬けにしたり、現実社会で人間関係を破壊する等と人様の人生を狂わせて不幸のどん底に突き落としてる悪しき存在という事実を認めて悔い改めよ。そうなる消費者が悪いと他人事のように言うて逃げるんやのうて、そないな賭博遊技を提供した会社の社員やその会社に投資してる株主どもにその責任があるんやで。あんたらが認めなくてもその罪は残る。もし遊技会社が賭博開帳をせんかったら、彼らは借金漬けになったり生活破綻を起こさへんかったんやからね。大企業の社会的責任は重大やということを思い知れ。消費者から刑事告訴、民事訴訟されてもおかしないで。もっとも、こちら(ねとらぼ)のとおり、星ドラのガチャが景品表示法違反の疑いを巡って二千十七年冬に民事訴訟を提起されたことがあるんですよね。当該訴訟は原告が控訴をするとか言うてたけど、その後の経過が不明です。こちら(猫戦争GAMES)でも、星ドラの運営会社に対して痛烈な批判が書かれてる。それが真実なんでしょう。しかし、当該遊技会社の運営担当者はそういった利用者の批判や改善要求の声に一切向き合おうともせず、改善せず、ひたすら賭博開帳を続け、金儲けのために集金活動をするだけやろ。行政と司法がポンコツなのをいいことに、殿様商売が過ぎるよ。そういった傲慢不遜な姿勢や幼稚な中身が海外ではまったく受けへん理由でしょうね。八十六年から九十年代にかけてドラクエで子供の時に遊んで思い入れのある唯一の固い支持層である今の四十代や五十代といった年齢層の日本人に対してのみ受けてるのでしょう。しかし、バブル景気崩壊後の九十年代から続いてる売国日本政府による意図的な三十年以上に及ぶ失政により日本人の経済的余裕は無くなる一方で、課金収益は益々減り、日本人のワク接種者が多くて死亡者が増えて人口が今より格段に減少し、即ち、利用者も激減し、いずれドラクエ人気も完全消滅し、このままでは運営終了及び廃業になる未来も遠くはない。言うたら、ドラクエも悪魔崇拝要素満載やし、ドラクエの教会や聖職者の様子がカトリック教会そのものに見えるし、律法で禁じられる魔法や呪文も使うことから、明確に反キリストの思想が反映されてる。日本の会社なら、もっと和風の作りにして西洋的な要素を無くせよ。そうすれば、和服等にも興味を持つ人が世界中に増えると思うんやけどね。人々にどれだけの影響を与えるのかをもっと真剣に考えろよ。この世は悪い者どもが支配してる(ヨハネ一 五章十九節参照)故、ええ物は絶対に流行ることはないやろがね。異教の西洋かぶれなんかしてても神の律法違犯の罪になるだけやし、ええことは何も無い。遊技には片仮名英語の多用もあり、日本人を西洋かぶれさせて堕落させる支配層の任務の一端を担ってもいる。いずれにしても、ガチャやふくびきという課金体制は賭博という犯罪と認識し、即時やめることを勧める。この事実を重く受け止め、ガチャ制度という賭博要素を一切廃止して健全な運営をするように要求すると同時に、司法行政にもこのガチャという賭博を取り締まり、禁じることを要求する。人々を借金地獄にさせたり、人生が破綻して不幸のどん底に落ちんように、行政はこのガチャという賭博行為をすべて禁止し、違反者を取り締まれよ。それどころか日本政府や地方行政はカジノを日本に造ろうとする位やし、日本は終わってるよ、ほんまに。あらゆる意味で。行政が極悪で、司法も悪であり、役立たずの現代においては庶民が賢くならあかん。不買によって淘汰し、悪行をやめさせる以外に無いってことです。「買い物は投票」とも言える。買うから販売会社は儲かって世にのさばるんですよ。存在して欲しない会社の商品を買わんことと利用せんことです。そして、そないな会社に就職もせず、株式投資もせんことです。このことはすべての業界に言えることや。








そもそも、たとえこの世で血の繋がりがあろうとも、信仰の有無が分かれ、分裂するとも主イエスは教えはった(ルカ十二章五十二節〜五十三節参照)。せやから、一家仲良く全員キリスト信仰者なんていうことはほぼ起こり得へんし、偽使徒パウロとシラスによる「主イエス・キリストを信じなはれ。そうすれば、あんたとあんたの家族も救われるだろう。」(使徒言行録十六章三十一節拙訳)という発言は嘘ということになる。真の聖書福音に依拠する真のキリスト者なら、主イエスの御言葉どおりに家族全員が神の律法を守る真の信仰者として一致することを経験することは有り得へん。日本で憲法改悪が実現してまうと必ずそないな最悪の事態、神の律法に依拠する真のキリスト者に対する激しい迫害が起こるであろう。日本国外であっても同じで、悪夢の新世界秩序(New World Order、以下NWOという)の樹立を目指すローマ教皇や世界経済討論会(World Economic Forum、以下WEFという)とその工作員政治家や大企業の役員どもの一覧は、こちら(メモ・独り言のblog)、こちら(メモ・独り言のblog)、こちら(メモ・独り言のblog)。トランプ一家も勿論工作員。目を覚ませ。彼らは皆、ナチス思想に基づき、「反キリスト」という共通項で団結してる。こちら(BitChute)でも言われており、アシュケナージという白人が偽ユダヤ人、ハザール人の末裔ということにも言及されてる。ウクライナは旧ハザール王国の立地や民族に合致する(ウクライナ人のみが偽ユダヤ人という意味やないし、他にもようけ居る)。これが支配層が世の大衆に知って欲しない情報や。こういった真実の情報を拒絶したり、軽んじる者は嘘を好む反キリストであり、滅びる定めにある人間と言える。悪魔を崇拝する支配層の人間、とりわけ人間の自由と人権を嫌い、徹底的に監視し、抑圧し、支配し、ワク接種によって遺伝子改変して超人間(トランスヒューマン)化させ、自由意志をも奪おうと企む超共産主義者だらけの世界経済討論会(WEF)が世界各国に工作員政治家や大企業役員を送り込んで各国で売国させ、創世記に書かれるバベルの塔のような神に敵対した悪が極まった時代を再現すべく再び世界を一つにすべく、多様性の名の下で民族や文化の独自性を無くすことや人間を獣化させることに余念が無く、また、コロナ犯罪をも引き起こし、それを足掛かりにどんどん世界中を共産主義化及び全体主義化させ、新世界秩序(NWO)を構築しようとしてる。これまで以上に基本的人権を保障する憲法が無視されるか、改悪されるかして自由と人権が奪われると、神の律法に依拠する真のキリスト者が迫害されるだろう。それも大衆に正義感が無く臆病で愚かで悪人やさかい、為政者や金持ちといった悪人どもに従うからこんな悲劇が起こる。抵抗せな阻止することなんて到底無理ですよ。真のキリスト者の視点は、自分一人対世界全員と敵対することになろうとも忍耐し、抵抗し続ける姿勢、神の律法を守り続ける姿勢でないとあかん。神に認められる人間はそないな正義を行う者だけであり、「長い物には巻かれろ」の精神で多数派に溶け込んだり、社会的強者に屈する卑劣な者やない。神の律法を守らへん現代のファリサイ派である自称キリスト者どもも、神の掟を守る神の民への敵対心を更に増長させ、より酷い迫害者になる。共謀罪に関する過去記事で警告したとおり、改憲されると、日本では現代の治安維持法である共謀罪が乱用され、戦前・戦中の政府や憲兵による抑圧的な共産主義社会に逆戻りしますよ。こちら(朝日新聞)でも戦前生まれの戦争経験者が治安維持法の悪さや隣組という監視制度の悪さを指摘してる。世の権威に従順な愚か者、悪徳政府の味方をする異常者どもが少数の正常な善人を殺す。家族にさえ裏切られることにもなろう。もしあんたの肉の家族や友人等に自己愛が強い人や世の権威に従順な人が居るなら、その人は信用でけへんよ。身内であろうとも彼らの自己愛故に平気で裏切るであろう。知らん人が多いやろけど、「しかし、(あんた方は)両親、兄弟、親族、友人に裏切られ、あんた方の中から殺される者もあろう。」(ルカ二十一章十六節拙訳)という警告を忘れたらあかんで。この警告は真のキリスト者に向けられ、その他の人には意味が無い。なぜなら、不信仰の者や自称キリスト者どもは迫害する側の人間、裏切る側の人間やからや。なんぼ親しい間柄でも油断でけへんよ。血の繋がりや付き合いの年数の長さやないし、思想や信条が異なれば仲は悪うなるのが当然やさかい。つまり、思想や信条が同じかどうかというのが最も重要です。


これも当たり前と言えば当たり前やが、まったく出来てへん人が多いんも事実や。悪い点、至らぬ点は改善せないかん。「ありのままでいい」なんて思う人が多いが、これ程間抜けな姿勢は無い。現状で問題無いって思うってことは、悔い改める必要性を感じひん程に完璧と思い込んでる、自分自身を罪人と思ってへん、直すべき点が無い、直す必要も無いと思ってる証拠であり、それでは滅びる人確定です。神の律法を読んでみよ。あんたらはどれだけ守ってるのか。違犯してる点が一つでもある時点で、「自分は完璧」だなんて思ってもみるな。あかんと思う所は即座に改善せな、ずるずると先延ばしにしてると手遅れになることだってあるさかい。過去にも書いたとおり、明日がある保証かて無いんやからね。神にすべての命の与奪権がある。ヨブも「主は与え、主は奪った。」(ヨブ記一章二十一節参照)と言うたとおりや。このことからも神に主権があり、人間自身には無いのが分からんか。いい気になって神の律法違犯を毎日のように繰り返し、しょうもない世俗の仕事、用事、娯楽、快楽等ばかりに夢中になってるようでは思わぬ時に不意打ちのように死が訪れることになる。特に、聖書通読を一遍もしたことないとか、ちょっとユーチューブ動画や自称聖職者(牧師等)の説教を聞いてるだけでキリスト者気取りをしてる人たちは、至急要改善や。過去記事「偽使徒パウロの反キリスト教義 二」でも書いたとおり、低偏差値の分布に当たる人たちは、人の二倍や三倍等と多くの努力をせないかんのに、愚か者程、呑気なのもまた事実や。なぜなら、本人らは怠惰で勉強したがらず、勉強する必要性を感じてへんからや。勉強せなあかんのにやで。それすら分からんから、どうしようもないんですわ。勉強せん人程、低偏差値なんは学校を出た人たちなら、その道理が分かるやろ。自主的に勉強せな成績は上がらんし、賢くもならんよね。聖書も同じこと。通読したこともない、研究したこともないでは話にならんのよ。せやから、多くの人々が生き方そのものを改善する必要がある。いつまでも今までの怠惰や世の誤った常識に囚われてるようではあかんのや。それも負荷を掛ける必要がある。ここが運命の分かれ目や。何でも自分に無理なく簡単に出来ることだけをやってるようでは絶対に成長せえへん。こないな簡単な道理も分からへんかね。偏差値を上げようと思えば、人の二倍や三倍といった努力が必要や。実際、高偏差値の人はそうした結果、大衆より頭一つ抜けるんやからね。何もせんと、いきなりそうなったんやないで。並みの人以上に頑張った結果、そうなるんです。信仰も同じや。聖書を知るという行為は、主イエスを知る行為に等しい。聖書知識が無い人は、イエス・キリストに対する知識も、神の御計画や御意志に対する知識も理解も無いんですよ。よって、聖書通読をしたこともない人、たとえ通読をしても内容がまったく頭に入っておらず、必要な時に聖句を思い出せず、普段の生活に活かさず、偽使徒パウロの教義にしか従おうとせえへんような聖書曲解者には希望は無い。負荷を掛けるというんは、やってて「ちょっときついな」と感じる程度の努力量が求められる。空いた時間にやるとか、隙間時間にやる程度ではいつまで経ってもうだつが上がらへんであろう。


あと、勘違いしてもろては困るんが、信仰には倫理観、道徳観も高い基準が必要ということやね。これが世の受験とは大違いな点やな。政府(文科省)が検閲した嘘まみれの教科書や参考書を読んで覚え、問題集や過去問を解きまくって知識を増やしたり、解答技術を高めて試験で高得点を叩き出しさえすれば合格を勝ち取ることが出来て心の在り様や人間性は問われへんのが、世の受験界の在り方やが、これは信仰においては通用せえへん。それは心の在り方、良心の有無、邪な思いや意志が無いこと等も要求されとるからや。せやから、男では千人に一人しか居らん、女は千人に一人も居らんと聖書(コヘレトの言葉七章二十八節)に書かれてる。そのことも過去記事で書いたとおりや。拝金主義、この世やこの世のものを愛する、人間中心主義、利己主義、慈愛や思いやりが無い、神と隣人に奉仕せえへん怠惰、こないな人たちはなんぼ聖書通読して律法に関する知識が豊かになったとしても主イエスから拒絶されて不合格になるであろう。この世では頭が良くても心が悪い人が大勢居り、そないな人が社会的地位、権力、多くの財産を持って、権力者の座に就いたり金持ちになって世界を支配してるが故にこないにも悪い世の中になるんですよ。ハーバードやオックスフォード等といった海外の有名大卒や東大卒や早慶大卒がそれ程尊いのなら、日本や世界はこれ程悪くなってへんやろに。実際は、悪化ばかりしてる現実社会を見ても、単に高学歴なだけで心が悪い者は害悪でしかあらへんことが明らかやろ。心が悪いっていうんが致命的にあかんことやということが、マスクを熱心に着用し続けたり、ワク接種したり等というコロナ教信者(コロナ脳)だらけ、西洋かぶれした売国奴だらけの世界を見てて痛い程分かるやろ。もし分からんと言うのなら、その者も同類の悪人やからや。勉強せえへんとか勉強嫌いで頭が悪いんも致命的に悪い。拙者の言うたことが聖書から外れてへんのに、「おかしい」等と無駄に敵対して誹謗中傷しとる愚か者が多いが、こないな人たちは頭も心も悪い。聖書(マタイ三章十節、ルカ三章九節、十三章七節、九節参照)でも実を結ぶことのない者は切り倒すと明言されとるやないか。あんたらはその危機感が足らん。また、主なる神は、心を見透かすお方やと聖書に書いており、心が最も大事や。せやから、心が悪い人ならば、なんぼ賢い人、知識が豊富な人であっても無駄ですよ。それだけでは落とされるから。偽使徒パウロの言葉をキリストの言葉とすり替えて盲信するんはやめなはれ。また、自分自身のことだけに留まらず、キリスト者なら福音伝道も行う必要があるし、兄弟との交流も必須やし、聖書研究も必要や。そして、たとえそれらキリスト者として生活することで世俗社会で問題が起ころうとも屈しない強さが求められる。最も苦い敵は他人やのうて、自分自身、自我やからね。「他人からどう思われるか怖い」っていう心理の本質は、他人が怖いんやのうて、自己愛なんですよ。自分自身を守るために、世間的に大勢がしてる格好を見て、真似て、同じような習慣や行いをして「世の友」(ヤコブ四章四節)となり、馴染もうとするんやろ。過去記事「偽使徒パウロの反キリスト教義 五」で非難したように、まさにカメレオン的な性質やな。それは自己愛の表れであり、悪人がすることや。神に従うという正しいことをするなら、その結果、他人がどう思おうがどうでもええと思える人は、自分を捨てており、自己愛は無く、神に従うことだけを考えてるさかい。この考え方こそ主イエスの教えに合致する正しい行いや。神に敵対するという肉の気質こそが最も厄介。黙示録二十一章八節のとおり、臆病になっても地獄行きやからな。臆病の原因は自己愛や。また、世の権威や偽り者どもによって、間違うた信仰や信条を持たされた結果、地獄に行く羽目になっても他人のせいや悪魔のせいにでけへんからな。すべて自分で自分の責任を取る、永遠の命か永遠の破滅のどちらに至るのかも自分自身で責任を取るという責任感を持たないかん。騙された自分が愚かなのを棚に上げて「誰々に騙されたー」等と他人を責め続けたり、「パウロが偽使徒なんておかしい」等と根拠も無く中傷してるだけでは幼稚な人や。神への愛と信仰から神の律法に従い、自我や周囲の人間に打ち勝つ克服を重ねて行くと成長し、強くもなれるし、最期まで神の掟を守り通す忍耐をすれば、死後の裁きで主イエス・キリストに生前犯した律法違犯について「悔い改めたから」と弁護され救われるが、神の掟を守らん人は拒絶される。「世間の人の目や評価が怖い」とか「家族や他人にどう思われるか怖い」、「権力者が怖い」等という自己愛に溺れ、その他神の律法に不服従であることを正当化する言い訳を並べて悔い改めへん人は、主イエスから拒絶されて永遠の命を失うであろう。このように、何事も楽して得るものは何もあらへん。



that’s all